Patio Cooler Stand. Project #2

These wooden cooler stands have by far been our most favorite project. They require more time and creativity than the others, but the finished product is worth the effort!

We found some old wood with really cool history to reclaim for these projects. We found a stockpile of old 1×6 8ft long lauan plywood boards in an old woodworking shop used by Steph’s great and great-great grandfathers.

The wood was orginially meant to be used for ammo crates during World War II. The war ended before all of the wood could be used and the left overs have been aging nicely in the shop ever since.

All we had to purchase for this project was a 52 quart cooler, a piano hinge from Home Depot, and a lid handle. Below is the finished project of our first one.


We also were given the bottle opener on the front by Steph’s dad to add the finishing touch. It’s ready for summer at the tiki bar!


Since we liked the first one so much, we made another that looks more like what it was originally purposed for, ammo crates. This time I ordered a brass bottle opener but used the same handle and fittings. Ones just like these are selling for $200-300, and they don’t have the history behind them.

Cooler 1Cooler 2


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