Farmhouse Pallet Table- Project #6

We found and extra large and rare pallet size at a local hardware store. They only had one and it was the perfect size to make a table out of.

Usually with pallets you only have enough wood for a small end-table. This one was big enough for a Farmhouse Table.

Large Pallet

You can see the size different between this one and a normal  sized pallet to the left.

Taking the boards off without breaking them is a challenge, so it was much easier to take one long board off and strip it to fit into the empty spaces. We also took off 3 long 2x3s that were nailed onto the bottom (to be used later). With a very basic table saw we were able to piece together the top. The boards left sticking out were just cut off with a handsaw.

Farm Table Close-up

Now we could have used 2x4s from other pallets we have for the legs, but we had some reclaimed 4x4s we found last month that would be more stable and easier to work with. The legs were cut to size and stabilized with anchor bolts.

Farm Table LegsFarm Table Leg Bolt

To stabilize the table we used the 2x3s that we took from the bottom of the pallet  in the beginning.

Farm Table Half Done


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