Pallet Wine Racks -Project #5

Recently, wee have been looking at cool things to make out of old pallets. Again, we get all of our material for free, and we just happened to unload 2 tons of stove pellets that morning, and underneath the thousands of pounds of pellets were the perfect pallets to start building with.


This might be one of, if not the easiest, project to do with the best reward. Just like the corn hole game we made, this project was already halfway done once we had the pallet.

All we had to do was cut a bottom section off, (we chose to use half of the pallet section, but you can use an entire section and fit a lot of bottles and glasses) and then add a bottom for the bottles to rest on. Next, we nailed in two spacers on the bottom and added a board with four slits cut out to hang wine glasses from.

Wine Rack 1

We made a few different sizes and styles.

pallet wine rack

Most recent:

Wine Rack

Wine Rack 3 Full

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